Meet the Green Screen

Shashank Sharma, Staff Writer

     As the school year continues, many classes are starting to use the Green-Screen in the AMS Media Center. This device can be an alternative for many types of projects that teachers assign for their students. For example, teachers might assign a report on a major historic event; students could then use their imagination to do projects using this device. He/she could make projects and reports by using special effects (produced by iMovie) to make it realistic by adding special effects, backgrounds relating to the project, or even a little touch of drama.

     As a member of the Technology Club, I have a pretty good understanding of how the device functions. It has been about a half of the year that I have been using the Green Screen for projects and movies. Currently, I am using it for my Filmfest movie and for our Flag Salute given to the veterans.

      Students get to use the green screen when their teachers appoint a time in the media center. During that block, kids are usually assigned to film, research, and edit clips using  iMovie on the Mac computers.

     It is clear that the green screen is a great alternative for research projects and other assignments in our school nearly every day!  This device can support a students’ determination, will-power, and work efficiency.