Art Club – Beautifying Our Building

Dhruv Nagpal, Staff Writer

     Art Club is a great club at Avenel Middle School. The club’s advisor is Ms.Lordi.

      In this club, you get to paint on our school walls! You have to work hard in this club. It is a lot more difficult to join than you’d think because you have to paint something without using the regular water colors! You have to use tempera paint for your painting and then Ms.Lordi will decide if you should be in that club. If she doesn’t like your painting or it’s not good enough, that tells her that you might mess up while painting on the wall.

     If you want to join this club you need to have a really creative mind. This club meets every Thursday. In this club you stay after school until 5:00 pm after school!

     This is a great club for creative and artistic people.