Get painting, with Mrs. Lordi’s Art Club!

Aminah Shah, Staff Writer

     Do you like to paint, draw, or just let your feelings get onto a piece of paper? If you said yes, then Art Club is the perfect club for you!

     Right now, there is a lot of painting going on, and right after you are done with your painting or drawing, you can feel proud seeing your beautiful finished art. Mrs. Lordi is the head of Art Club and you can go to her room (room 116) after school on Thursdays. Art club is a great way to let your talent shine

     Currently, they are painting wildcats around the door of the art class! If you didn’t know, Mrs. Lordi loves cats; so these paintings could relate to both her and the school. Mrs. Lordi hopes that they will be able to paint a big mural by the gym or the entryway. She believes that this year her 13 art  club members will be able to complete more than last year because the members are so full of courage and are ready to participate.

     Mrs. Lordi says that  the students who want to join art club should have a will to express themselves creatively. Mrs. Lordi’s definition for art club is “unification illustration for higher.” She hopes that people will ask her club members to get paintings or drawings done for them.  Sadly, only seventh graders and eighth graders can get into art clubs, so sixth graders, you can practice in the meantime. If you are a seventh grader and you did not make it into art club, practicing is the perfect solution for you. Don’t be discouraged because maybe next year you will get in. After all, “Practice makes perfect!”