Building Bonds Through Books

Ryan Smith, Staff Writer

     Book Club is a club to help people want to enjoy reading and it introduces readers to new popular books.To find out more about book club, I interviewed one of the advisors, Mrs Geraci to find out more. This is what I learned about the club.


      Mrs.Geraci and Mrs.Wanko have been running Book Club for fifteen years now. It is a club with about four meetings a year, and a new book is assigned to each Book Club meeting.  One of the best parts about book club is that you are introduced to new books that you may have not read on your own otherwise. It is also a great club to be a part of because it encourages students and parents to read a book together, and attend the meetings together.  What a great way to bring the Avenel community together! At the meeting you sit down with everyone, discuss the book assigned for that meeting, and participate in a fun activity. A great bonus is that there is a raffle, and your name can be entered to win a prize at each meeting!  

     The first meeting was on November 28th at 6pm. The book read and discussed that meeting was Refugee by Alan Gratz. If you would want to join you can ask your Language Arts teacher to give you a permission slip, or you can go to either Mrs.Wanko in room 215, Mrs.Geraci in room 314 or Mrs.Reckhow in room 203 for a permission slip to join.