Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow!

Kaitlyn Taylor, Staff Writer

     Have you heard of the Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow program? Run by Mrs. Anan, Mr. Anderson, and Mrs. Reckhow, this program helps students improve today and in the future. Did you know that if you have perfect attendance for one month, you will be entered in a monthly drawing? Seventh grade September winner, Qanoot Fatima says, ”This is a nice program; I think it will help students get better and come to school more to be entered in the raffle. I think that the raffle will kind of motivate kids to come to school more.”


     Middle School attendance and GPA is important leading up to high school because it actually determines what your high school attendance and GPA will look like, and colleges will most likely look at your attendance and GPA from high school. Crazy right? Did you know that if you are absent two days every month, you are considered “chronically absent”?  Like Mrs. Anan, coordinator of the program says,”Everyday Counts!”


     An interesting fact, on average, a high school graduate earns one million dollars more than a dropout. Think about this the next time you think about skipping school, and remember, school only gets harder by missing days. So make sure you Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow!