High Tech Middle School

Shashank Sharma, Staff Writer

     At Avenel Middle School, our school provides us with technology that fulfills our needs beyond the expectations of our parents. Our school technology is overseen by Mrs.Dimeglio & Mr.Caldwell, who maintain all the programs and devices, including iPads and Chromebooks. We even have a 3d printer which gives us a great advantage for projects, dioramas, and  models.

     During the 8th grade year of middle school, all students receive iPads that they could bring to their houses. It provides the students with a resource that they can utilize for homework, research, etc.

      The Chromebooks are another key resource we possess. The Chromebooks have a variety of features. We can log in with a Google account using the Chromebooks. We can produce slideshow presentations. In addition, we could make documents, online drawings, and spreadsheets.

Overall, students at Avenel Middle School are lucky to have access to so much technology.